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i'm having withdrawals from lack of vitamin water.

it's ninety two cents at target.
my favorite flavors are fruit punch, dragonfruit, and citrus.
hint hint.

oh, dylan thomas.

good-bye, good luck, struck the sun and the moon,
to the fisherman lost on the land.
the stands alone at the door of his home,
with his long-legged heart in his hand.


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a woman in l.a. had the freaking bubonic plague.
ten to twenty people a year get it.
the majority of the people who get it live in rural areas.
you get it from fleas!
the fleas come from rodents that you may or may not know live with you.
if you don't know what the bubonic plague does to your body, look it up.
then you'll be as freaked out about it as i am.
i thought that disease was loooong gone.

so if you cells start to look like the above picture, get to a hospital for some antibiotics and don't come anywhere near me.

i'd rather forget the days we spent trying to stay afloat in shallow water

i have an outrageously busy four weeks ahead of me.
including but not limited to:

saves the day/moneen at pop's.
alkaine trio at the pageant.
a research paper on vietnam veteran's nightmares.
a presentation for the same paper.
an annotated bibliography on down syndrome.
a critical review of a study done on indians.
not failing my chemistry class, which is an ongoing battle.
not failing psychology by simply not going to class.
spending my entire easter break reading about vietnam veterans and down syndrome.
the hills have eyes with susan.
putt putting?
keeping the fake hair stuck to my head.
keeping myself from bleaching my hair out again.
not completely losing the spanish language i have learned so far.
passing my finals.
moving out of this town so that springfield can stop freaking surprising me with things like a vietnamese restaurant, a pacific coast restaurant, an ihop, and a cici's pizza.

this will be hard because i'm a procrastinator.

and i'm probably going to buy myself some fish because i'm lonely.

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just for the record, you will do an awesome job on your roommate's extensions, and she will do crap on yours.
before you cut it so it looks right, it will look like this:
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